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Taphenes Koroma

Incoming Consultant at Deloitte

Former NABA President

NABA first exposed me to accounting professionals who played a pivotal role in my career journey. My first NABA event was in 2017 at NABA's annual workshop held at Ernst & Young's Downtown Dallas Office. During this event, I participated in workshops and mock interviews with EY Professionals in preparation for the career fair at the 2017 NABA Western Regional Conference (WRSC). This EY visit, and the following WRSC, allowed me to network with many accounting professionals who strongly encouraged me to start pursuing job opportunities. In the last year, I have received half of my career opportunities through NABA events. Besides the career opportunities, NABA has allowed me to gain a support system and meet some of my closest friends. It is very rare to find an organization with such extensive opportunities for students, and I encourage you to become involved, achieve your goals and help pave the way for others. 

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